Playwright, director and Juilliard-trained actor, I have worked on stage, TV and the web, including a 25-year detour managing the transmission of live television pay-per-view events for HBO.
Favorite authors are Sam Shepard, Tom Brown Jr., Neal Stephenson, Richard K. Morgan and Cormac McCarthy.

Available for directing, producing, editing, narration and voice acting.

Let’s tell some stories together.

Audio Samples


A Dark Comedy Adventure of the West

The Epic of Didier Rain Book 1

by amazing author, Brian Kindall.  Available on all platforms.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD – Audio Drama In 6 Episodes

John T. Turkey – a plea for vegatarianism.
Catching Out – A 70 year old looking for meaning catching rides on trains
Polar Opposites – Newman, AI Negotiator, Captured by Space Pirates to be sold as a slave
Polar Opposites – Sylvia, Space Pirate Captain
Non-Fiction: Women of Myth – Discovering the true Amazons
Cat vs Monster, the true story.
THE HIGHEST TABOO – from Thomas Colquith’s second volume of poetry, LET OUR MEMORIES ESCAPE, now available on Amazon/Audible

Hear me on – Giving Authors A Voice.




  • Shure SM57 Dynamic
  • CAD Equitek E100S Supercardioid Condenser
  • Marantz Professional MPM-2000 Large-Diaphragm Condenser‎

MUSIC/SOUND EFFECTS: If your project requires additional sound, I have an in-house composer who is available for an additional fee.

Delivery: Either Dropbox Link or FTP.

RATES: My rates are reasonable, based on the project.  Contact me and let’s talk.

As a playwright, I understand story, character and dialogue.  As a director, I know pacing and motivation.  As an actor, I love to share the fun I am having with an audience.  My work in live television creates a deep appreciation for deadlines.  I survived Juilliard, learned some interesting things from interesting people in the real world and never lost a satellite transmission.

A special thanks to Dana Tucker. His knowledge of Reaper and ACX is invaluable. Check out his YouTube video on meeting ACX specifications.

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