2013-present – Instructor at The Writers Circle in New Jersey, conducting creative writing workshops

2018: THE PLAY’S THE THING! – one-day intensive for teens to create short plays utilizing live actors to develop characters and perform final works

(As a result of this project, Rebecca’s script was produced as a short film for the festival circuit.)

2014-15 – CREATING A TELEVISION SERIES ONE-DAY INTENSIVE – TV writing workshop for teens, including pitch development, drafting scripts, feedback, critique and presentation, using multiple student-friendly themes, including Zombies v. Vampires.

2013 – WRITING IN THE BLUE BOX, TV writing workshop for children, including creating a television spec script based on the BBC’s Doctor Who.


2011 – RESONANT PITCH, an on-line faux blog by fictional character, Moses Haygood, detailing his mysterious appearance in the desert two years after an 8-year-old boy vanished in the same spot.

LOG LINE: Moses is a man who in 1989 found himself naked on an Arizonan roadside with no memory. Recently he has decided to find out what actually happened. Each revelation unravels newer and more bizarre possibilities. Lunatic, investigator or prophet, Moses Haygood propels himself towards a truth beyond his imagination.


2005 – THE REDEMPTION OF RAY LEVY, a television pilot about the boxing business of the 1960s.

LOG LINE: Set in 1963, REDEMPTION tells the story of Ray Levy, a 52-year-old down and out boxing manager who watches his one and only fighter killed in the ring.  He must now decide if he has the courage to take another boxer from scratch to championship.

2003 – THE VICTOR, a television pilot about the coming of age of a teenage anti-superhero.

LOG LINE: If you saw your father killed in front of you, an evil scientist working with an international terrorist group trying to capture you, and the Archangel Michael saying you’re one of five who will save the world from the coming apocalypse, what would you do?

2001 – THE TESLA CONUNDRUM, a television series consisting of pilot episode, five season outline and companion website concept and assets which was the culmination of development work of 4 Crows Productions.

LOG LINE: Trapped in a virtual world, a young genius, Danny Shine, must fight his way back to reality with the help of his friends, his enemies and Huckleberry Finn only to face the most infamous villain of the twentieth century.

1998 –2001 Founder, 4 CROWS PRODUCTIONS, internet production company creating theatrically-based interactive entertainment; responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the company formation including business, creative, technical and legal considerations; initiating project ideas; directing actor/writers, webmaster and designers to develop projects; planning strategies for gaining audience, building revenue, and attracting future sales of project concepts to subsidiary media.

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